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Why you need travel insurance when visiting China

Travelling China

We all know the importance of travel insurance and if you have ever been caught out by medical costs abroad, you will definitely be nodding your head right now. It is not just medical costs that warrant you investing a little in travel insurance though. There are many things that could happen during your holiday or trip – that you may need protect against. Think about if you lose your luggage, or if your flight is delayed and you miss a connecting flight or train ride. Or what if a natural disaster happens and you are caught in a hurricane and your trip gets cancelled altogether?

Having insurance means you can rest easy, knowing that should these unfortunate things occur – you are going to be covered and protected financially. So of course, travel and trip insurance is crucial no matter where you’re going. But I think this applies especially in countries which involve you travelling long distance and to countries which are much more alien to you in terms of the culture, i.e.  with foods you are not used to eating for example. One such country is China.

Why is insurance so important in China?

  • China is subject to earthquakes so you need to be fully aware of this, and how this could affect your travel plans if one occurs. Not only could it mean your flight is cancelled, but it could mean being stranded or delayed in China. Your insurance could pay for new flights, an alternative route, or perhaps even an extended stay whilst you wait for new flights.
  • China is also subject to tropical typhoon seasons – about once a year, so you’ll want to be vigilant about your insurance if you’re choosing to visit during this time. Why? Because during this time flight patterns can be badly disrupted. Your travel insurance will cover any problems you have with these disruptions and any problems you have with cancellations or re-bookings.
  • In the Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Uyghur Autononomous Region, you will need to be very careful and aware of permits and insurance as these areas are places of domestic unrest.
  • Pick Pocketing and thievery is common on the street of some Chinese cities – so make sure you are protected against theft by having a solid insurance policy in place. It can be easy to have something stolen from your bag without realising it, so be very careful with your possessions. But at least you can rest assured if the worst does happen that you are going to be able to recover the cost financially.

There are other things you will need to remember when visiting China, with this country known for being notoriously strict with foreign visitors. Here are a few other tips for you when visiting the country:

  • Ensure you have your visa confirmed and sorted before arriving. There are sizeable fines for those who do not have the appropriate visas.
  • If you are entering China for more than 6 months (for example, to study) then you must be equipped with a full certificate of health before entering. This includes a HIV blood test, and must have been checked by the Chinese government.

You can learn more about China from the official tourism site at

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