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Where Do Hurricanes Occur

Hurricane locations

Hurricanes are the most feared force of nature for the tourist, and indeed the tourist industry, but where are they most likely to occur? Incidents of hurricanes tend to be isolated to particular parts of the world, due to the fact that one of the key characteristics is hot water, which is only present in certain oceans. Certain areas of the world are more active in terms of hurricanes than others, and each of the areas has a key hurricane season, something which can be reflected in travel insurance during these periods. Below are some of the areas most affected by hurricanes, although this is a non-exhaustive list.

Atlantic Ocean

Many of the major hurricanes in the world each year occur in the Atlantic Ocean, with incidents being much more frequent, but not restricted to, the Western area of the ocean where the water is warmer.

Between the months of June and November there is much activity in the northern area of the Atlantic, meaning that areas such as Bermuda, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean and the eastern coasts of the United States can be affected. Travelling to these areas outside of this season does not guarantee that you will avoid hurricanes completely, but certainly the risk becomes much lower.

Pacific Ocean

The most active area of the world in terms of hurricanes is the Northwest of the Pacific Ocean, where the hurricane season runs for the entire year, although there is more activity between July and November. It can presumed, therefore, that the countries in this area can be considered the most susceptible to hurricanes. These countries are the Philippines, which can be struck by up to 20 significant hurricanes a year, and many more which are considered insignificant in terms of their force and the damage they cause, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Behind the Northwest Pacific Ocean, the most active area in terms of hurricanes is the north east Pacific Ocean, where the main hurricane season runs from May to November. The main countries affected by hurricanes are those on the western side of South America, with Mexico in particular being hard hit during this period. Eastern Canada is also affected by hurricanes during this period. The hurricanes which form in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean often affect Australia.

Indian Ocean

Between the months of October and May there is much hurricane action in the Indian Ocean, with the activity being mainly isolated to the south of the ocean. Probably the worst affected by these hurricanes is Australia, which is also affected by the Pacific Ocean activity at the same time.

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