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Volcano and Volcanic Ash Insurance

Etna volcano

Until a few years ago, the idea of volcano or volcanic ash insurance cover would have seemed a ridiculous idea to many people, but after several weeks of severe disruption for traveller across Europe, things and attitudes have changed.  Eyjafjallajokull the volcano which erupted in 2010, could easily happen again and potentially with even bigger eruptions from neighbouring volcanoes such as Mount Katla.

So is there now really such thing as a policy that includes volcano insurance or a policy that in part? Can protection against such as natural disaster really be insured against you might be asking? Should you prepare for an eruption by the active Katla volcano?

Some travel insurance companies are marketing volcano travel insurance as a way of attracting anyone who searches online for information on this subject. Columbus Insurance for example promote Volcanic Ash Cover, with the basic such as missed flights and cancelled travel covered for the duration on a volcanic eruption. What is unclear though on the site is whether this ONLY covers volcanic eruptions in Iceland, specific volcanoes or all volcanos in Europe or further afield. It has not been unknown for Catania Airport in Sicily to close for a day or so when the Etna has produced too much smoke or ash. Make sure to check the small print for what volcanoes are covered.

Travel to see Volcanoes

As a fan of volcanoes i.e. as someone who has visited many, my recommendations if this form of attraction draws you in are:

  1. Hawaii volcano tours  – combining these stunning islands and the coastline, with a local tour of national park is really a quite amazing experience.
  2. Mount Etna, Sicily is a fantastic place also for volcano lovers. You can combine the Etna with the Aeolian Islands including with Stromboli and the island of Vulcano. You can walk around the old crater on the Etna or taker an organised hiking trip further up. The Etna is the most active volcano in Europe.
  3. Iceland as you will be aware from the volcanic issues in 2010 and the hit springs, volcanoes and other natural wonders in Iceland are worth visiting the country for.

Hawaiian Volcano Experience

Mount Eyjafjallajokull

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