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Visiting Australia. Travel Insurance and Safety

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia has several amazing cities and numerous attractions and which make this a country certainly worth visiting. With great weather, stunning beaches and some of the worlds top natural wonders, the best advice for visitors is to ensure you do not spoil your trip by forgetting or failing to purchase travel insurance before leaving.

Australia is a relatively safe country in terms of overall crime, but expect the unexpected with Australia home to many unique poisonous creatures and a country in which driving for example can mean days on a long dessert highway if you decide to drive the country. Purchasing a good holiday insurance plan gives you the peace of mind that should any accidents happen while far from home, you will be covered and for situations which include emergency care you might need if you let’s say, get stranded in the Outback and find yourself needing attention. Chances are that you will opt for a city break situations such as lost or stolen luggage or theft can be typical reasons to need to claim on your policy. Let us look at some precautions to take while travelling to Australia so that you can minimize the risk of actually needing to rely on trip insurance:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Paying attention to what is around you will help you in many different situations.
  • Keep your passport with you at all times, rather than keeping it in your bag, luggage, or even a hotel safe. Use a passport waistband or similar type of belts that are available on the market (just search amazon for travel accessories). Anything that allows you to carry your passport on your person will help to prevent it from being lost, forgotten, or stolen.
  • Plan ahead and map out your destinations each day so that you do not get lost or travel into the wrong area.
  • Ask for a safety check on any car hire service you contract with. Keep the gas tank filled and make sure that everything is always running smoothly with your vehicle.
  • Review your destinations online before you travel. This can help you identify which are the best hotels to stay at, restaurants to dine in, and tour groups to choose.
  • Take sun block with you and remember to re-apply it every few hours. Australia is known for being very sunny. Take several travel size sun blocks with you each day; SPF 30 or higher is recommended for Australian travel.
  • Check the daily weather schedule for your travel dates. This will allow you to bring the appropriate dress for your travel. Jackets for cooler weather, rain gear to protect you from the rain, and hats to shade you from the hot sun will help to keep you from having weather related problems.
  • Always travel with extra water bottles and small, but high protein snacks that will not spoil, such as granola bars. Water is important for hydration, and the snacks will prevent you from having to stop in locations you are not familiar with if you get hungry while travelling.

Now that you are prepared for safety and have your travel insurance plan, here are some of the best destinations to plan to visit while in Australia:

Best Places to Visit


  • Sydney is the most popular destination for tourists to Australia and is usually where most travellers land when coming for an Australian holiday. Popular sites within Sydney which I would recommend:
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Darling Harbour
  • Marine Aquarium
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Mainly Beach
  • Sydney Tower
  • Blue Mountains
  • Sydney Nightlife
  • Cairns is a small city, but there are some major attractions there such as:
    • The Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world, stretches across 80 million acres and features some of the world’s rarest sea organisms.
    • Cable car over the rainforest
    • Take a day tour to Daintree National Park with the largest variety of plants per square meter on the planet.
  • Gold Coast, which has pretty beaches that are perfect for sun bathers and surfers alike. Here are some other Gold Coast attractions:
    • Theme Parks
    • Busy Night Life in Surfer’s Paradise
    • Surrounding mountains and National Parks with waterfalls, flora and fauna
  • Perth is a city that has something for everyone. You can choose water adventures, sight-seeing, to wild animal adventures or even Aboriginal dances from the unique culture. Here are some of the wide range of attractions and things to do:
    • Perth Zoo
    • Perth Mint
    • Stirling Gardens
    • Lake Monger
    • Multiple cultural attractions like museums, art galleries and theatres
  • Tasmania is always described as one of the prettiest places to visit in Australia. There are many ways to get in touch with nature in Tasmania, few places can boast that you can see the following all in one place:
    • Beautiful Beaches
    • Majestic Mountains
    • Peaceful Lagoons
    • Spectacular Wildlife
    • Unique Historical sites

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