Most Unusual Youth Hostels for Backpackers

Houseboat hostel

There are many strange and quirky hostels that can be found worldwide, these hostels accommodate backpackers as well as add a sense of unusual fun for the travellers that stay there, whether it be the hostel’s customs, location or architecture.

Lua Cheia Youth Hostel (Brazil)

There are many hostels that can be found set in castles, however a castle in Brazil is another story. The Lua Cheia Youth Hostel is set in a Gothic Castle along the country’s north-eastern shores. This hostel’s unusual setting and location make for a fantastic atmosphere and attract a wide variety of travellers. The hostel offers access to tours as well as trips to the nearby Fernando de Noronha Island. Learn more via

Bayrams Treehouses (Turkey)

This unique hostel can be found in a fantastic secluded spot located near the National Park of Olympos in Turkey. What makes it so unusual is that the entire hostel is set in tree-houses above the ground, travellers that stay at this particular hostel get to spend the night in a tree which is quite the unusual experience. Another great thing about Bayrams is that it’s in walking distance of the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Olympos, where travellers can explore the beautiful remains of an ancient city that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Travellers’ Cave Pension (Turkey)

Turkey is home to many more quirky and unusual hostels including Traveller’s Cave Pension. In this hostel, adventurous travellers may spend the night in a cave. Travellers’ Cave Pension is located right in the centre of Goreme and only minutes from the nearby must station. The hostel is set right in the middle of a fantastic panoramic view with the beautiful surroundings of Goreme.

Jumbo Hostel (Sweden)

Located right at the Stockholm Arlanda airport in Sweden the Jumbo Hostel is literally a jumbo plane transformed into a market hostel for travellers all around including the ones just arriving at the airport. The Jumbo Hostel is a clean and quiet hostel with extremely friendly service and a fantastic way to start off your trip. Spending a night at a plane turned hostel would be an extraordinary experience for any traveller. More information via

Eastern Comfort HostelBoat (Berlin)

The Eastern Comfort HostelBoat located in Berlin is exactly at it sounds, a hostel turned boat. This HostelBoat is merely moored 10 metres away from the Berlin Wall and offers trips up the River Spree for free! The Eastern Comfort offers a quirky atmosphere that is very unique to Berlin and many of the cabins have a fantastic view of the water. Not many hostels in Berlin have such a unique character to them so for adventurous travellers that may wish to sleep in a boat located right in the middle of the city, this hostel is a must!

These 5 hostels are some of the most unusual of their kind and are located all around the world. Any traveller or backpacker seeking an extraordinary stay would do best in checking into one of these as they offer an unmatched unique hostel experience like no other.

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