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Travelling While Pregnant

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Pregnancy and Travel

Traveling during pregnancy normally presents little risk to a healthy mother. However, this doesn’t mean that a few extra precautions whilst traveling abroad would go amiss. The wise woman plans ahead for unexpected situations by carrying medical information and paying attention to personal safety. Packing a few comfort items is also a great way to get the most enjoyment out of holiday time during pregnancy. Before proceedig fiurther and just to state the obvious – please consult your own doctor before travelling and consider this information on this article just ideas and some person thoughts. If unsure about anything, please consult the professionals.

1. Seat belts

Buckling up during car trips whilst pregnant is far safer to both mother and child than going without. However, a pregnant woman should be aware of how to wear a seat belt correctly for the best protection. She should buckle the belt beneath her baby bump, across the hips, and should always wear the shoulder strap properly. Doing so can prevent severe injuries should an auto crash occur. Also, staying strapped in as much as possible during air travel is a wise policy.

2. Medical guidelines

It is always a good idea to discuss travel plans with one’s attending physician or midwife. They often have good suggestions for staying comfortable on the road and can help dispel any particular worries a woman may have. Pregnant travellers should carry prescriptions and prenatal vitamins in labeled containers to make preflight checks easier. (Learn more about medical cover).

3. Documentation

Other than her passport, a pregnant woman should carry important medical information, such as her physician’s name, phone number and emergency contact numbers in her purse. Women who are in their final trimester should take along their prenatal records just in case an unfamiliar doctor ends up delivering during the trip. A woman can also ask for a referral from her physician for a clinic in her destination city, just in case.

4. Comfort

Bringing along a few comfort items makes traveling easier, especially during pregnancy. A small personal pillow and squishable down lap rug provide a touch of luxury on an overnight flight. A small step stool for elevating the feet can help prevent ankle and foot swelling.

5. Additional considerations

Women who are in their last trimester of pregnancy should consider postponing travel until later. Depending on the woman’s health and nearness to delivery, travel may be too risky medically as well as difficult from a practical standpoint.

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