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The importance of technology continues to grow with most sectors finding that I.T. and other technological fields have a continually increasing influence on the industry. Technology and related innovations help to make business faster, easier and more efficient and one industry that certainly benefits is the ‘Travel Industry’. The impact of Computerised Reservation Systems has been significant in recent years and now with the speed of change with technology, the affects on the travel industry are impossible to ignore.

The World Travel Market (WTM)

The World Travel Market in London is one of the important shows on the world tourism exhibitions calendar and technology is well represented at this show. The WTM is in fact now one of the main facilitators for promoting travel technology in the UK, despite the show having originally evolved for all aspects of tourism. The show normally takes place every November in the Excel Centre in London and has days for trade and the general public.

Travel Technology Exhibition (London)

One of the biggest and most popular annual shows and which takes place every February, is the appropriately named ‘Travel Technology Show’ which takes place at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, England. Some of the travel sectors being represented at the show include: tour operators, travel agents, online travel providers, hotel chains, destination management companies, travel insurance providers, cruises, airlines, and transportation providers. This show helps exhibitors to the event to find new suppliers, to keep up-to-date on industry trends, and to network with other businesses. If you plan to exhibit at the show, this is one of the best events of its kind in Europe for mixing and meeting with the big players in the tourism and technology sectors. The seminars also appeal to many exhibitors and visitors alike and in previous years, seminars have included:

  • World Travel Trends.
  • Social media and technology for the travel industry.
  • The future of CRS (Computer Reservation Systems).

There are opportunities for travel agents to find solutions that will cut costs, increase productivity, generate sales and enhance customer service. Tour operators can discover new reservation systems which will manage administration of bookings seamlessly, increase the functionality and productivity of websites with increased booking ratios. There are also opportunities for hotels to streamline booking procedures, increase retention levels and increase their ability to share real-time information with customers and guests.

This show is more of an I.T. style exhibition rather than travel exhibition in many ways and is more directed at business owners, management and people working in the industry, rather than for people looking for travel and holidays. If you do work in the travel industry and are looking for technological solutions and help then this show is excellent and well worth trying to attend if you are able to. You can learn more via the official event website at:

The Future

So what is the future for the world of tourism and what types of technology can we expect and how will it change the way we travel?

The Airport Experience

What to Expect

The future is certainly exciting and exciting although perhaps even scary in some respects in how dependant we might become on these products and services. Big Brother is perhaps closing in on us but it is arguably also freeing us to experience a more dynamic, personal and relaxed experience. One wonders though what happens is we do not wish to travel a phone or technological device on our person. Will we even be able to travel without agreeing to carry personal technology in the future? Would love to hear your comments below.

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