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Does Travel Insurance cover Drinking?

Drinking on holiday

One thing many of us Brits are well known for when abroad on holiday for is enjoying a few drinks. Take those travellers heading to Ibiza for a week and enjoying non-stop partying and booze with local bars and restaurants happy to take the tourist Euros for the summer season. The question for those of you planning on a holiday abroad with which you plan to do a lot of drinking (meaning alcoholic drinks rather than water for hydration) might want to consider very carefully how this will affect your travel insurance policy. The question is, ‘Does travel insurance cover drinking’ and there is no definite answer but some thoughts below.

What is covered in your travel insurance policy

You might recently have read our article on what is excluded from insurance policies but alcohol was not included as a specific thing which is normally excluded from being something you can do whilst on holiday, if you want to avoid invalidating your policy. Clearly trying to quantify how much alcohol is too much or not is very hard given that everyone has a different threshold and even if it were measurable and possible to include on a policy, it seems within people’s rights to be allowed to enjoy a drink or two whilst on break and away from work and in the sun for a few weeks.

Insurers Clamping Down on excessive Drinking

Some insurers though are beginning to get a little bit more aggressive and tighter on excessive drinking and paying out for incidents which were caused by excessive drinking. Make SURE to READ the small print of the policy you plan to take out and read carefully anything that relates to substance abuse in the form of alcohol. It is wise of course to start with to at least enjoying holiday drinking but not getting to the point at which you put yourself in serious danger. Some accidents can happen though and the insurer is the one who will need to prove that the amount you drank was excessive.

There is some interesting further information online from reports also covering the issues associated with drinking and how it affects your insurance cover. The Telegraph newspaper list 10 reasons why your travel policy can be invalidated and point 5 with ‘Drinking whilst on holiday’ is covered above.

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