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Travelling Argentina and Why You Need Travel Insurance


Argentina is a brilliant country to visit and many people go to the country throughout the year. Although it’s a great place to visit, for many people it is a foreign country and you need to understand how many issues there are around your safety when visiting the country. Unfortunately, many people fail to prioritise their safety and think that they will be safe whilst there. Misfortunes do happen so to be on the safe side it is advisable to take out travel insurance.

It is very important to take out travel insurance before you go to Argentina because should you get ill or have an accident you will be covered and the insurance company will bear all of your expenses depending on the policy you have taken out. Listed below are just a few advantages of how you could benefit should you take a travel insurance policy before you visit the country.

Illness can affect any person no matter which country they are travelling to. Unfortunately this is the case with Argentina as well. There are a few common diseases which a tourist may catch whilst visiting the country such as Malaria, Cholera, Dengue Fever and Typhoid Fever. Some of the illnesses can potentially be life threatening so it is essential that you take your vaccinations before you visit. Your local GP will able to advise you of what vaccinations to take before you leave. Should you not take the appropriate measures beforehand your insurance policy may be void.

Argentina does not tend to have a very high crime rate but again like any country the odd mishap can happen especially in major cities like Buenos Aires and Mendoza. As these are big cities you need to be vary of muggers and pick pockets. Special care should be taken with your documents whilst visiting these cities as again some insurance companies may void your policy in certain circumstances.

Argentina is unique in the way that it has a dedicated police unit which receives and responds to complaints made by tourists. As it has been set-up by the Argentina government you can be confident that the response you receive will be prompt and with your best interest at heart. Getting in touch with them will be no problem at all as nearly all of the travel insurance companies have their details should they need contacting.

In case an accident does happen which god forbid may be serious, the insurance company will help to find you a hospital in Argentina as well as pay for the medical cost and other damages which have been caused by the accident. Also, some-one might be sick during the trip and may need to visit a doctor and again the insurance company can either look for a specialist doctor within the country or give you a medical consultation via the telephone or even arrange for a emergency flight to bring you back home for treatment.

The insurance company can also help you secure your documents like your national identity card or travel visas should they be lost during your holiday. This is very important because should you be involved in any mishap and cannot provide the valid documents to identify you as a citizen of your home country, you will be arrested. The insurance company will help you to relocate the documents by making the necessary arrangements or even help to provide you with duplicate ones.

So to round up, ensure that as you make your plans to visit Argentina, you buy travel insurance cover from any recognised and trusted insurance company. It is a way of protecting you and your family from the cruel eventualities that might happen during the course of your vacation. If you do not take a policy out, you may suffer from a financial loss which might cause you more pain than you expected and make your trip a absolute nightmare.

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