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Purchasing travel insurance online can be and arduous and often frustrating process, so the user friendly website presented by is a breath of fresh air.

About the company

When it was launched in 2009 set the aim of becoming an easy to use website where customers could purchase travel insurance with all of the cover they need in a short period of time, and it has to be said that this has aim has been achieved with flying colours. The company are open about the ways they are able to offer cheaper travel insurance than many of their competitors, with one of the main factors being that they have simplified their admin in order to cut their own costs and relay the savings to their customers. For example, cover is only available to purchase online and customer can only correspond via email, meaning that they save on manpower and the costs which are associated with running a call centre. Furthermore, sends all of its documents via email, saving on printing and postage costs.

What does travel insurance cover?

When it comes to standard travel insurance, the scope of the cover offered by is comparable to that offered by other companies, covering things such as medical cover, lost items, flight cancellations and all of the other standard features which regularly appear on travel insurance policies universally. covers a whole range of customers, including older customers and even, in many cases, those with pre-existing medical conditions. When providing details for a travel insurance quote it is important that full details of pre-existing conditions are provided as, if the information provided is incorrect the customer may not be covered. The specialist ski insurance is particularly popular and generally considered to be well placed in terms of price amongst its competitors.

So why choose

Aside from offering an efficient service and striving to offer low prices, also offers a cancellation period of 14 days after you have purchased, regularly receives good reviews from customers, is fully regulated and offers the option to purchase annual travel insurance. The annual policy is perfect for those who travel on various occasions throughout the year due to the savings incurred in both cost and time. With an annual policy customers can travel as many times as they like during the year, but are only covered for trips which are up to 31 days.

They also offer a travel money card which customers can top up as many times as they like with local currency, which eliminates the need to carry cash.  Other great features include a free medical advice service before travelling and airport parking information.

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Written by Paul Symonds.

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