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Travelling abroad to have medical work done is now becoming common place and is a sector of tourism which is taken seriously as a genuine market segment. Whether it be for dental care, cosmetic surgery or a number of other options, terms such as ‘Health Tourism’ and ‘Medical Tourism’ are now quite well known. There are now some excellent exhibitions and trade shows which take each year around Europe and one I attend regularly is the Health Tourism Show in London, England and which we look at below.

The London Show

Showcasing a trend that has recently taken root in the country, this exhibition enables you to learn about all of the various treatments that can be undertaken abroad, what countries you can choose from and all the other considerations you need to think about then considering having medical attention abroad. The standards are not the same in every country and in some countries you might find the standards not what you are used to in UK. No doubt though there are also many places which not only offer high quality care, but affordable care which can also be completed sooner rather than you needing to spend months or sometimes years on a UK waiting list. One of the absolute keys is to carefully research the options and this show does give you a wonderful starting point for gathering information.

In addition to respresentatives from different medical clinics and facilities abroad, expect also to see a number of companies who provide health care cover and advise on health matters. The workshops area and the organised programmes for the show tend to be very popular. Aimed for towards the mature ages market, get excellent advice on all aspects of retirement, health care, living longer, fitness, nuitritio and exercise.

This show normally takes place each summer time in the Olympia Exhibition Centre in central London and often in partnership with the 50+ show. The exhibition area hosts three separate seminar theatres which will feature several seminars on new health trends and the latest medical procedures. The seminars always tend to cover various talks on health and medicine, dentistry, cosmetic procedures and medical tourism. Apart from financial considerations, there is also the possibility of enjoying a short holiday whilst receiving the medical care and this makes a location such as Thailand with its beaches and great weather very popular with this newer form of tourism.

In addition to the benefits discussed above in attending the show, you might find that this event can be invaluable if you actually want to get a free consultatin to assess if you actually need any medical attention and if you do, to get some advice by the experts. If you are thinking to travel abroad as a health tourist, you will also find that you actually have access to travel companies who can also help to organise the trave segment of your trip and with everything under one roof at this exhibition, its a unique opportunity to really out together all elements of the trip into practice.

The Health Tourism Show connects the users with not only the medical practitioners that they will be interacting with, but also aims to demonstrate the logistics involved in going about a venture such as this. The savings are perhaps the most staggering revelation of all, where medical bills can be reduced by an average of 50% on the private cost in the UK.

Olympia Exhibition Centre is well connected and within walking distance of Earl’s Court underground station. The centre is situated right on Kensington High Street, a road very easily accessible from all directions. If arriving by car, there are quite a few parking lots in the immediate surrounding area, the closest one running alongside the venue itself. The nearest underground station is Kensington station, a simple matter of ten minutes walking distance along the North End.

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