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Sitges Carnival – one of the wildest parties in Europe

Parade for Sitges carnival

What to Expect at the Carnival

Have you ever been to one of the many Spanish carnivals, or maybe you would like to experience one again? We have a perfect suggestion for you! Every year, in Sitges – small, but amazing city near Barcelona, you can hear a lot of noise and see plenty of people as they prepare for one of the wildest carnivals in Europe.

During winter it is a very quiet town, but for one week the wildest Carnival brings thousands of visitors to this famous celebration. Sitges wildest Carnival guarantees stunning memories and amazing times to enjoy alongside more than 300,000 partygoers dances, performances and unforgettable shows just on the major streets across the town. Astonishing clothes, delicious local cuisine dishes, most popular songs and amazing weather would bring you to paradise at least for one day. Book your Sitges accommodatin ie hotel and easily enjoy every minute of one of the wildest parties in Europe.

In addition, Sitges carnival is also characterized with folkdances and xatonades- traditional local salads served with omelets, as very important carnival elements. One of the best days of Carnival is Fat Tuesday- the beginning of Sitges carnival with a huge variety of local dishes. Just don’t think that there’s nothing more to do than to eat. Every day the carnival is full of amazing shows and performances such as circus or traditional dances. Nevertheless, most important moments of carnival are Parade on Sunday night and Final Parade, on Tuesday night, when more than 2,000 participants fill the main street with amazing costumes, masks and traditional Spanish head wear worn at weddings & funerals – Noche de las mantillas. It´s well worth visiting the place if you have not yet been, or have not yet experienced the ´Spanish spree´ (cake and ale) or strange emotions, which lifts you up and give positive mood for a long time, just do it and catch every minute!

sitges in spain

Sitges carnival starts before spring, so while in most of Europe cities are still cold winter with tons of snow, here you can enjoy sunny weather, beautiful days and of course palmers, which bring more exotica. Yes, you didn’t read wrong, good weather in Spain is almost all year long, so don’t worry about getting cold or be caught off guard by the rain. If you are bored of snow and want the warm weather back, end of February and beginning of March is a perfect chance to do it, also explore Barcelona and at the same enjoy beauty of Sitges Carnival in this time of the year. Don’t worry about festival tickets, because all those things are for free: no tickets and other fees.

The best way to get to know about Spanish culture is to see their crazy traditional dances, costumes, to hear songs and to feel Spanish passion. Imagine yourself in a huge crowd of people, smiling, dancing and enjoying the best and wildest Carnival in Europe. Would it not be perfect? So, come to Sitges and enjoy!

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