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People aged 55 and over are in a unique position to travel. For most, the children are grown and on their own. Many have some money set aside that they have always intended to use for holiday adventures. While certain types of holidays, such as extreme sports outings, are obviously inappropriate for the over 55 set, others are tailor-made for their preferences and needs.

1. Uganda and Rwanda Tour

For nature lovers who are more interested in shooting photos than animals, a 55 and over tour of Uganda and Rwanda in east Africa offers plenty of big game viewing opportunities. On tours of National Parks and excursions down the river Nile, tourists can spot hippos, crocodiles, gorillas, giraffes, chimpanzees, elands and hundreds of exotic birds. Trekking from Entebbe to Kigali on buses, river boats and short hikes gives holidaymakers ample photo opportunities.

2. Greece

Active over 55s enjoy the combination of activities offered by many Greece tours. Taking in the antiquities of Athens, swimming outings on idyllic white strands, plus sampling local wines and cuisine are just some of the great experiences in store on an over 55 tour of Greece.

3. Costa Rica

Central America has become a popular holiday destination for over 55s who want to branch out from traditional tours. Awe-inspiring jungle landscapes offer new vistas even to seasoned travellers. Costa Rica has earned a reputation for quality medical care, so tourists over 55 need not worry should unexpected health issues arise whilst on holiday.

4. New Zealand

From Auckland to Christchurch, a self-guided auto tour or a full-service bus tour takes over 55s through the most scenic reaches of both islands. Holidaymakers can attend cultural events featuring Maori music and a traditional, pit-cooked hangi feast, a trek through the natural caves of Waitomo and more. Travelling NZ is a great place for people of all ages and seems to be especially popular with middle and older ages tourists.

5. China

China is so large that it takes more than one holiday to savour the full flavour of this ancient culture. A good start is a route encompassing Shanghai, Xian and Beijing. A slower pace and limited hotel hopping allows those who appreciate a more leisurely holiday to immerse themselves in the enjoyment of time and place. Cruising Shanghai’s Huangpu River, seeing the renowned archaeological site of Xian’s terra cotta soldiers and fully exploring Beijing make a wonderful holiday itinerary.

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