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It is essential to ensure you are covered for any holiday if you want to avoid the potential of getting a huge medical bill or any other financial headaches. The question once you decide to take out insurance cover thus becomes whether or not to take out an annual multi trip policy or a single trip policy when travelling. There are distinct differences and benefits to each and below are some of the key considerations:

What is Annual Cover

Annual multi trip insurance provides coverage for all travel activity over the period of a year. This is opposed to single policy travel insurance which only covers the travel for one trip. The first and most obvious advantage of multi trip insurance is the cost. As a general rule it does not cost much more than the cost of single policy insurance to insure yourself for a year-long period, especially if every trip will be to Spain. If you are going to places other than Spain the cost will differ depending on where else you will be going and what you will be doing.

If all of your trips are standard tourist breaks in mainstream destinations such as Spain and you will only be undertaking things such as sightseeing and sunbathing then the cost of the insurance for each trip to Spain will certainly work out cheaper as part of an annual multi trip policy. Taking out an annual multi trip insurance policy will save you the inconvenience of searching for a policy each time you travel.

What are the drawbacks

Annual multi trip insurance only ever really has drawbacks when the policy holder (and co) do not travel enough times during the year to justify paying the extra. Another drawback is that if one of the trips you go on in the 12 month period includes activities which are outside of general tourist activity then it will raise the overall cost of each trip on aggregate. For this reason it is worth comparing the price of a single trip policy for a trip to Spain to the cost of an annual multi trip policy to see what works out cheaper overall.

If you are considering going skiing, rock climbing or doing anything which can be considered an extreme or dangerous sport by a travel insurance company, then do consider carefully as to if all activities are covered in the wording of the annual policy. The common error which can easily be made is to use an annual policy without thought for the activities you might choose to undertake on one specific trip.

If only one of your trips does potentially mean that you will undertake an activity which is not otherwise on your annual policy, you can of course consider booking one separate trip policy and then using the annual policy for all other trips. The purchase of a single trip and multi trip policy can actually work out cheaper sometimes than buying a more expensive annual policy (covering dangerous sports) or buying single trip cover (for each individual trip).

Buying Options

In addition to considering the LATEST DEALS page, some other options include:

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If you go on many trips during the year, you might want to consider multi-trip annual coverage. Locking in this one price for a year can have benefits beyond the lower cost. This type of policy can give you peace of mind and help save time when planning your next adventure.

One benefit obviously in going with a multi-trip coverage plan is the savings over multiple policies. These annual plans can be helpful if you want to lock in medical coverage with a waiver of pre-existing conditions, particularly when travelling outside your country of origin on an extended basis. Check on age restrictions for a multi-trip plan when comparing, as this can differ from single-trip coverage.

Multi-trip policies also may offer elements of insurance you would not find in a basic plan or through your ordinary home-owner’s policy, which might also include travel insurance. These valuable extra items in a multi-trip policy may include coverage in the event of terrorism or coverage for an emergency reunion. The plans also can offer the standard terms such as trip cancellation policies or lost luggage plans up to a certain monetary limit.

This type of plan also might cut you a break when it comes to adventure policies if this is something that might be a regular part of your trips. You might sign up in winter, for example, and receive a discount on winter sports coverage. Check with your insurance representative to see whether buying a plan at a certain time of year affects the rate or yields further discounts.

One of the best features of this type of plan is the “set it and forget it” aspect. Once you have shaped a policy that covers your needs, you do not have to go back and look up these facts again for your next trip. The policy is organized and updated to your needs and ready for your next journey.

Take the time to compare policies and plans with your insurance agent. As with any type of coverage, restrictions can apply, but for the best deal you may find that multi-trip coverage can save you the most money in the end.

If you travel to different destinations during the year, for business or pleasure, you may want to consider annual multi-trip travel insurance. One simple policy can help you save money and keep you from having to buy separate coverage for each trip. This simplification can pay off if you have bought multiple policies in the past.

The Basics

There typically is no limit to the number of trips covered in one year with an annual policy of this kind. These policies also can cover international as well as domestic trips that you may take. Even if you only travel two or three times a year, you could be surprised at the savings and travel bonuses involving points and miles allotted with your new policy. The more you travel, the better value the policy becomes as it serves to protect you from the rigours of the road. Call your insurance agent today to see how this type of coverage could benefit you. You could soon see your travels opening up a world of savings with comprehensive annual multi-trip travel insurance.

These types of policies typically can cover trip cancellations, cost of lost luggage and other risks tied to your travelling. You may find that you want to take in some scuba lessons or try paragliding and seek coverage for these activities. Other policies focus on winter sports or golf coverage on trips.

Extra Coverage

There might be other elements you add to your policy, such as extra rental car coverage. You also might need to cover for continuing care of existing medical conditions of your spouse or child travelling with you, particularly on international trips. Your insurance agent can walk you through the more intricate details of a family policy option. The good news is that these policies are normally flexible enough to be customised for your travel needs and those accompanying you on your journey.


Your new plan also could be eligible for other travel discounts. Some airlines, for example, offer travel points for purchase of these types of annual policies. You may want to ask your insurance agent to check and see what other side deals may apply that could be to your benefit.

Article written by Paul Symonds.

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