The Best Hotels In Florida

Fort Lauderdale view

Travelling is the best form of relaxation, whether you’re holidaying on your own or with your family, and this year there’s no better vacation destination than Florida! Florida is located in the south-eastern part of the United States, and the state is home to spectacular coastlines and a tropical climate. Nicknamed ‘The Sunshine State’, over 90 million people visited Florida last year, and that was a 2 per cent increase on the previous year! The sunshine state is known all over the world for its amazing beaches, great shopping experiences and warm, friendly people, so if you’re thinking about visiting this beautiful part of America in the not too distant future, let’s take a look at some of the best places to stay.

The La Mer Hotel and Dewey House – Key West

This is the southernmost hotel in the state, and tourists will be able to enjoy a wonderful tropical climate. The hotel itself employs a stylish design that focuses on relaxation, as well as wonderful views of the ocean, compared to the interior of the Dewey house, which is simple yet exquisite. There’s no doubt that your stay at this lavish hotel will be a memorable one, and it’s perfect if you’re holidaying with the kids too! Ideally, the La Mer Hotel and Dewey House are places for couples looking for a romantic break, and the facilities are nothing short of exceptional.

The Little Palm Island Resort and Spa – Little Torch Key

This hotel is perfectly situated close to the Key West, but still a distance from the main hustle and bustle of the surrounding towns. The wonderful architecture and design of The Little Palm Island Resort compliments the small and quiet Little Palm Island, and the resort is only accessible by either seaplane or boat. This guarantees exclusivity when visiting, making it an ideal experience for couples on their honeymoon or simply seeking adventure. Tropical rum, and your name on wooden plaques on your room door, are a great welcome no matter what time of year you decide to visit this quiet and isolated hotel.

The Pillars Hotel – Fort Lauderdale

This is one of the most famous hotels in Florida, and for good reason! Not only is it located a block away from the beach, but the décor inside the hotel is simply breathtaking. It offers a British old colonial style that always seems to astound tourists, and the most amazing part is the view out onto the ocean, as the sun rays hit crystal clear water. You simply can’t go wrong with this hotel; it is perfect for a family getaway, and even better for couples looking to relax. Furthermore, you are also very close to the city services and amenities, so if you ever wanted to go shopping or try out some of the local area’s restaurants, they are only a short walk away!

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