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Streets of Rome, Italy

Piazza navona, Rome

You might only be popping across to Italy for a weekend having bought some last minute cheap flights, or you might be backpacking across Italy for a month. No matter what the reason or nature of your trip though, ensuring that you have the proper travel insurance is vital, even if you are only there for 48 hours. The temptation is to try and cut costs  but travelling uninsured is only something the true gambler might want to consider, given the implications of not correctly being covered.

Travelling Italy

Every country has its dangers, its attractions and its own unique character and no place worldwide is immune to theft or potential natural phenomena. To look specifically though at some reasons you might particularly want to be insured in Italy:

  • Petty theft can be a problem in some cities such as Naples, Rome and Milan. This can of course happen in any major capital city in Europe as those of you who have travelled to Barcelona and walked down Las Ramblas will be aware. Do take extra precautions such as to keep some money in your sock and only a few bank notes in your wallet and to only take out the credit cards that you will need. Walk with your hand over your wallet if you are a guy if you are in a very crowded place. Being insured will at least also help to protect about this low level but incredibly inconvenient crime.
  • You might associated Italy with the mafia (even though Mafia refers to the Sicilian region, whereas Camorra  for example are the Napoli based syndicate). The truth tends to be that you are extremely unlikely to have to worry about mafia or other large scale crime of this type in that these group as do NOT target tourist. The bigger concern you will have is getting ripped by taxi drivers or restaurateurs with the bills they sometimes try and charge you for.
  • The need for holiday cover when visiting Italy is more often than not down to classic issues such as delayed or cancelled flights such as when the French airport baggage handlers go on strike. My own experience though was when my flight from Palermo airport in Sicily was cancelled because of a bush fire on the hill just beside the airport and wish created enough smoke to close the airport. You simply never know when your insurance might come in handy, such as when the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud problem happened.
  • Italy is home to part of the alps (apli in Italian) and any of you who plan on skiing really must be insured. Dangerous sports such as skiing also often require additional winter sports add-on cover so do ensure you are covered for your proposed activities. The medical system in Italy overall is very good but insurance will mean that you are covered for all situations and types of accident.

Italy is a fantastic country to visit and do not let any potential problems put you off choosing this country for a trip. The history, food, people and weather make this a wonderful choice. If you are looking to buy a policy, identify the right type of policy according to nature of your trip, number of people going (to get group discounts) and decide on if you need cover just for one trip or for a year’s worth of trips. Ensure that your travel plan is exhaustive, providing coverage for any activities you will try especially the aforementioned winter sports – see  ski insurance cover.

You might perhaps even be travelling to Italy for what is popularly known these days as ‘Medical Tourism’. Italy is the world leader in many aspects of medicine and several people do visit cities such as Rome annually for this form of travel. In terms of travel insurance though, be very careful when choosing cover i.e. make sure to inform the company covering you your true reason for the trip, if you want to avoid invalidating the policy.


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