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Is it Safe in Moscow as a Tourist

Travelling Moscow

Russia is a country that has a unique and rich history, which many people find fascinating. If you are interested in travelling to Moscow, there is definitely a lot for you to see and do. On the other hand, many travellers who want to visit Moscow are concerned about safety in the city. Is it really dangerous or are you free to walk about the city without any problems?

Is travelling Moscow safe?

In general, Moscow is pretty much just like most of the other big cities in the world. There is definitely crime there, but the majority of people should have no problems there. In the past, it was considered to be a dangerous city because of the organized crime and the somewhat frequent hits that would take place on the street. However, that really hasn’t been much of a problem for the last decade.

If you are planning on travelling to Moscow, you need to use some common sense and avoid a few different types of crime. One of the most common crimes that you may run into in Moscow is pick-pocketing. This is a frequent crime for people who go to the Metro area. The bad thing about this type of crime is that the victim typically doesn’t know that anything has happened until many hours later when they try to buy something. To avoid this scenario, make sure that you know where your money is at all times. Don’t simply put it in your back pocket or leave your purse on your side or back.

While it’s not all that common, muggings do happen in Moscow from time to time as well. To avoid this potential problem, you should try to stay out in well-lit areas if you are walking at night. Never go anywhere with anyone you don’t know. In many cases, someone will try to lure you into an alley or behind a building where the mugging will take place with an accomplice.

If you will mostly stick to well-known areas in the city, you shouldn’t have any problems. The major tourist attractions typically have plenty of security and criminals don’t try to take advantage of tourists there. When you start venturing out into the city without fully understanding where you are going is when most of the trouble occurs. If you can avoid this scenario, you’ll be much more likely to have a good time while you are in Moscow. You can get deailted and up-to-date information on the parts of Russia it is safe to travel to from the British Governments website.

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