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How to Avoid Cholera on Holiday

Avoiding bad water

When taking a holiday, you have to be aware of the risks that are present in other parts of the world. In some countries, there are a whole new set of threats that simply aren’t present in more modern countries. For example, many tropical destinations still suffer from cholera. If you are planning on travelling to one of these places, it is important to make sure that you don’t fall victim to it. Here are a few tips on how to avoid cholera when on holiday.

Don’t Drink Tap Water

When you are travelling to a destination that suffers from cholera, you should avoid drinking water right out of the tap. As a general rule, a lot of the tap water is not safe to use for drinking purposes. It may be fine for washing your hands or showering with, but when it comes to taking a drink, you should avoid this water.

Boil or Treat Drinking Water

Instead of drinking water out of the tap, you should boil or treat any water that you do drink. Make sure that the water is treated with chlorine or iodine before you drink it. This way, it will kill the bacteria that is responsible for transmitting cholera before you consume it.

Watch What You Eat

In addition to avoiding tap water, you should also pay close attention to what you are eating. For example, you should try to eat only foods that have been thoroughly cooked, and are still hot when you eat them. If you eat fruit, you should peel it yourself. If someone else does it, there’s no telling what they did to the fruit after they peeled it.

Avoid Street Vendors

When you’re in a foreign country, it can be tempting to try to buy food from a street vendor as a way to experience the local culture. While this can be fun, it can also lead to cholera. As a general rule, you should stay away from street vendors when you are in these areas.

Watch Out for Ice

Many people like to put ice in their drinks to keep them cool. If you use ice that was created with tap water, there’s a good chance you could get cholera from it. Make sure that any ice you drink is from filtered or treated water sources if you want to avoid cholera.

You can also find some excellent more detailed information on the BUPA website. Make sure also consider avoiding malaria also when travelling.

Written by Paul Andrews.

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