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Staying in a holiday rental apartment or villa is the ideal holiday or vacation option for many families. A city rental apartment in Rome for example, provides greater privacy and independence than a hotel. Most apartments offer kitchen facilities, which means that catering for special diets is easier than it would be if you had to eat in local restaurants. Some villas also have added bonuses, such as a private pool or garden area. Most importantly, the extra space provided by a holiday rental apartment or villa allows your group to socialize and get the most out of their time together.

Booking and Insurance

When booking a holiday rental apartment, it is important to choose a travel insurance package that suits your needs. Most travel insurance packages assume that travellers will be staying in a hotel and are not tailored to meet the specific requirements of those staying in rented villas or apartments. A travel insurance policy designed for holiday rental apartment vacations will provide cover in case of problems with the rented property, and cover you for damage caused to the property while you are staying there.

When shopping for travel insurance, whether for a family, group or for an individual, check the terms and conditions regarding cancellation or curtailment of your vacation. Owners of private villas or rental apartments often ask for a large deposit in advance, and may refuse to refund any money in the case where you have to cancel or cut short your vacation due to illness, family bereavement, or problems with your travel arrangements. A good travel insurance policy should at least partly reimburse you in these circumstances.

When booking a hotel, it is usually easy to find out what to expect. With a holiday rental apartment, the situation might be less clear. What do you do if you arrive and find that the property is not as you expected? If you have appropriate travel insurance, you could make a claim if the property is not as advertised.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. Make sure that your travel insurance policy will cover the costs of damage caused to a rental property by fire, flooding, or accidental damage that occurs during your stay. Otherwise, you could end up footing the bill yourself.

Cover for Property Owners

Even if the holiday makers are insured, as the property owner it is a very good idea to ensure you have the appropriate cover to protect against damage and other issues. Being protected for damage caused by a wild stag weekend group who cause damage in your rental villa, or being covered because of water damage which might go unnoticed for a few weeks because your property was empty for a long period of time. These are classic reasons why you might find that having an overseas homes policy might be a great idea.

There are a few companies who specialise in this type of cover and these include:

  • Intasure – who have policies for ‘Expats Home Insurance’ and ‘Holiday Homes Abroad’ cover.
  • Towergate – Holiday homes cover policies.

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