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Haunted Holiday Destinations in Britain

Castle in Cardiff

Britain is home to a large number of supposedly haunted locations and destinations and around these locations have become popular locations for tourists looking to experience something different on their holiday. Many travel agencies have popped up and now organise tours for the interested visitors to these haunted venues. The popularity of ghost stories is never ceasing and participating in these breaks is a nice change from the standard beach side holiday (which is not always a good idea anyway given the British summer weather).

The history of Britain is very rich with ghosts and haunted places and one of the most famous sites is the Tower of London where ghost sightings are reported on a regular basis. Many of the other most famous haunted locations in Britain tend to be castles and hotels although no one knows why these places the favourite dwellings of the spirits and ghosts. Some of the most popular haunted castles in Britain are discussed below:

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is located in the North East part of England and it is one of the most haunted places on the planet. The castle has appeared in a number of television and radio shows which have tried to explain its unbelievable nature. The castle serves as a self-catering hotel nowadays and it is a great place for weddings and other festivities. But, it is most famous for the alleged presence of ghosts. There is a number of ghosts haunting Chillingham and the most mentioned one is the Blue Boy, who was trapped behind a wall a died trying to scratch his way out. Several sightings of this ghost have been reported on the various spots in the castle.

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle is an extraordinary castle in the Scottish countryside built in the 14th century. This castle is also a home for a number of supernatural events. We can find almost everything here from classical haunting to secret rooms and soul devouring creatures. The Glamis Castle offers daily tickets to the visitors and they can view inside of the castle and the beautiful parks around the building.

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Station Hotel

Tthe Station Hotel is located in Dudley and it proves that not only castles can be haunted. At first sight the Station Hotel looks like any other hotel in Britain. But it is well known as one of the most haunted places in the country. Here we can experience the presence of the ghost of a young woman who was murdered in the hotel and she haunts the place ever since. Also, one of the most haunted rooms in the hotel is the room 214, which was also a murder scene.

Murder Mystery Weekend

There are many opportunities also to go on a mudery mystery weekend or train experience in the UK and these trips can be a delightful way to see the British countryside, to meet other people and to have what always amounts to a convivial few days. Several companies organise these types of trips including and

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