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flight health and hygiene

Flying Health Tips

Staying healthy and in top form while travelling on business or holiday is a challenge. When confined in a cramped seat on a lengthy plane flight, avoiding germs may seem impossible. However, with some advance preparation and good sense practices, people can fly abroad without falling prey to a flu bug or offending seat mates with stale breath. Some basic hygiene and health for tips for airline travelers follow.

1. Travel-sized clean up kit

Before embarking on a marathon flight, travelers can put together pint-sized travel kits with the supplies they need to clean up en route. A small tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush, a folding comb and mirror set, breath mints, facial cleanser and deodorant will see most people through to their destinations.

2. Health pack

Daily supplements are even more important while traveling than at home due to the stress of travel and irregular meals. Multi vitamins and extra C are some of the nutrients that help people maintain good health while on holiday. It is a good idea to add a roll of antacid lozenges, a travel pack of pain relievers and some soothing saline eye drops to keep oneself comfortable while in flight.

3. Fending off germs

Using hand sanitiser before meals and snacks while flying helps bar surface germs from hand-to-mouth travel. Airplane restrooms are among the most germ-ridden locales due to their virtually constant usage, so taking extra care to sanitise afterward is a must. Antibacterial wipes are handy for cleaning door handles and faucets. Also, when using above seat fans, passengers should adjust the air flow so it blows germs away from their faces.

4. Maintaining hydration

When people become dehydrated, they are more vulnerable to viruses due to a weakening of the body’s defenses. Therefore, drinking fresh water frequently and keeping the nasal passages moist with an over-the-counter spray are good flight habits.

5. Tricks for fresh breath

Once the mints and gum are gone, travelers can turn to creative means of maintaining fresh breath while flying. Foods such limes and lemons stimulate the salivary glands and keep the mouth well rinsed. Since extended flights offer mixed drinks, the flight attendant should be able to produce a citrus wedge upon request.

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