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Finding the Right Insurance for Activity Holidays

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Activity and adventure holidays are rapidly gaining in popularity but it can be perplexing as to where to look when it comes to covering your trip insurance wise. Here are some tips and advice for those who are looking for some adventure but who would like to remain insured while doing so.

Adventure holidays have never been more popular, especially with some of the amazing trips that are on offer all over the world at the moment. The good thing about being in a recession is that everybody is in the same boat, travel companies included, and so there are great deals to be had out there for those who are thinking about doing something a little bit more exciting than usual.

The Nordic countries are a particular favourite when it comes to activity and adventure holidays at this time of year. The snows are starting to recede and the days are getting longer by the day until we get to the point where we have the incredible treat of whole days without darkness. The uniqueness of this occurrence combined with the wild natural beauty to be found in Norway and Iceland, in particular, means that those who visit these places often do so with more than just a little bit of sightseeing in mind. There are definitely policies out there that can cover this sort of travel, but it is essential that you consider these simple points before jumping off that bridge, or shooting down that rapid.


It’s great to be spontaneous when on holiday but it can also be dangerous as you are probably not covered for the particular exciting activity you have chosen to do. When going to a place such as the Nordic countries, where you know you are going to be doing more adventurous activities than the norm, you should seek out a cover that includes all of the activities you could imagine yourself doing. And always read the fine print. A policy may seem to cover your needs but they often make specific points of not covering even some of the most mundane activities, so double check everything before you hand over any money.

Check with your Travel Supplier

For those going on a holiday that is specifically sold as an adventure break, it is important that you check with the tour operator that you are going with the terms of the cover they will provide you. If they sell you the tour package, they are obliged to cover the activities they have sold you, but it is still worth taking a look at the fine print just in case. These tour operators often offer you the opportunity to buy annual policies from them that cover high risk activities. This is a good option and might save you money if you plan to travel with the same operator in the future, but it’s not a good idea if you are going to go with a different company next time out as it will only specifically cover the activities provided by the first operator. It is also likely that you could independently find you own policy at a lower rate.

Dive In at your Peril

Before the fact it may seem like a good idea to pay upfront for an annual policy, as you are sure that the trip is going to be a success and you are already looking forward to the next one. If that is the way things pan out, then you have no problem and an annual policy will certainly save you money if you use it three or four time. However, it is also possible that your first experience will not go as you expected and so you decide not to take any further adventure holidays in Iceland and instead settle back into life at the beach in the Costa del Sol. It is a good idea, therefore, to take out single cover the first time you go high altitude trekking in Norway as you never do know just how something new is going to suit you.

The cover for adventure holidays definitely exists, although it can be pricey, and it is something that you should actively seek out whenever heading off to a destination that offers excitement. In all likelihood you will have an amazing time and be an adrenaline junky from here on out, but little accidents do often happen and there is certainly nothing exciting about having to pay your own foreign medical fees. So, think it through, plan it out, double check, make a dry-run, and then get ready for some fun. Enjoy!

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