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It can be a really exciting process when you are planning a holiday abroad and the focus for most of us goes on what excursions and day trips we will do, what things we should pack, having our passports ready and having the spending money saved and in the right currency. For many people, thinking about holiday insurance can come secondary and yet this aspect of a holiday is as important as any other and can often turn out to be the most vital.

To make sure that you are protected on your journey, it is essential that allocate time to choosing a policy and one which is appropiate for the type of trip you are planning (do you plan to ski whilst on your trip and which will mean you need to include winter sports cover or do you plan to visit the U.S. in which case you must ensure you include USA cover). You will need to ensure you also take the time to complete the policy details correctly to avoid invalidating your policy, a mistake many people make by accident. Finding a cheap policy need not though need not take too much time and the information needed is pretty straight forward. Below we take a look at some tips to help you find the right policy for your trip at the best possible price.

Travel Coverage To Fit Your Needs

Many factors need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a travel insurance plan and the main issues which will greatly affect which type of policy you choose and the price are:

  • Geographical destination: If you plan to visit USA or Canada, it is essential that you have included cover for North America. Equally so, if you do NOT plan to visit North America, do not accidently check the box for visiting this region because this will increase the price of your cover. It can be easy to accidently sometimes include North America cover because it is sometimes an add-on to basic cover and is a small check box which you need to check or uncheck.
  • Frequency of trips: If you travel abroad more than once a year, then DO consider annual holiday insurance and consider the average costs of the trips across the whole year.
  • Length of Journey: If you choose a single policy, you can get some very cheap deals for as little as £10 for 5 days. The key is hoe often you travel ie the number of days across one calendar year.
  • Number of people travelling: You can save money by booking family holiday cover or couples cover.

Budget and Cutting Costs

Check Your Home Insurance And Credit Cards – Before you buy any travel insurance, be sure to check if you have any coverage you can use that is covered by your home insurance policy. Many home insurance policies also have insurance included for when you are away from home that will protect you and your belongings. Also, check with the companies of your credit cards. Some credit cards come with free travel insurance included. Be warned though that the cover normally offered on credit cards and on home insurance policies are rarely enough to fully protect you. Check the amount of medical cover included for example to see if it is realistic and woul dcover USA medical bills for example.

Be Careful About Deductibles – Though it can be nice to have a lower cost, be sure that it does not come with a high deductible. If something does happen and you need to use your insurance, you will have to pay that deductible out of pocket right away. If you set your deductible high, the policy may be cheaper, but it might not be worth having.

Do not Buy From Travel Agents – When you are planning your trip, it can be tempting to purchase your insurance through either your travel agent, tour operator or airline. The insurance is often one of the most profitable aspects of the holiday for travel agents which a mark up of anything from 40 to 100% common. Shop around and also check our ‘Latest Deals’ page on the top menu!

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