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Diving Holidays in Thailand

Diving in Thailand

Thailand is a country with some of the best diving worldwide and it is no wonder that travellers come from countries worldwide, to experience the pleasure of diving in the seas off of the Thai coast. Below a look at diving in Thailand and 8 reasons for choosing diving holidays in Thailand.

1. The waters of Thailand are quite calm compared to some other locations and this means that the waters can be ideal for beginner divers. The waters are quite inviting and Thailand offers beginners to diving the ideal place to start.

2. One of the benefits of diving in Thailand is also the exotic nature of the diving. The waters tend to be quite clear and  the fish exotic and colourful visually and this makes diving on these waters quite exhilarating.

3. There are some wonderful locations in the Thai coast and these locations include island areas including Similan Islands. The Similan Islands are a great place for diving and quite popular among the diving fraternity.

4. Cost is another great attraction for diving in Thailand. Diving in this country can work out half the cost of diving in a country such as the UK or USA for example. For those looking to get diving licenses and certification, this makes it quite an affordable way forward.

5. The Apres-Diving activities also make Thailand a prime diving location. The attraction of a beach party or open-air night club for example make Thailand an excellent all round location for divers.

6. The option of excellent beaches and alternative activities also adds to the attraction with plenty for ones partner to do if they are not interested themselves in diving.

7. The weather plays a vital role in diving in Thailand. Warm clear blue waters make diving here a pleasure rather than any effort.

8. The high level of instructors also adds to the benefits of choosing this activity in Thailand. The islands attract some of the top instructors from Australia and South Africa and this makes the level of tuition some of the best you are likely to find anyway.

If you are looking for some ideas for a new challenge and a holiday with a difference then diving in Thailand if really a very good option. See you down on the Similan islands soon?

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