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– Allianz I like because their rates seem to always be competitive and I find the feedback tends to be good from people I know who use Allianz.

– One of my favourites and who tend to offer a solid package.

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Single Trip v Annual Multi trip travel insurance

Choosing travel insurance – When planning a trip abroad, taking out a holiday travel insurance policy is always recommended. In addition to ensuring you have the EHIC European Health Insurance card, buying cover is vital whether you are simply visiting for a few days, or planning to stay a month. It is when you least expect it when you will find yourself wishing you had taken out a policy and when you balance the cost saving versus the potential costs if something does go wrong, buying cover certainly seems a good idea. But which should you take out? Single trip or annual multi trip travel insurance?

Single trip cover

Single trip travel insurance is ideal for those who intend to travel abroad once or twice a year only, with each trip being covered by its own separate plan. These plans make it a lot more cost effective when purchasing cover, with single trip cover sometimes starting from as low as £10, and sometimes even cheaper with certain companies. These single trip policies usually cover a number of different eventualities that can occur whilst being away, including holiday cancellation, loss of baggage, illness and injury, theft of possessions and money and also emergency repatriation if required.

The plan is usually arranged to last the exact length of the holiday, with comprehensive packages allowing access to a dedicated 24 hour a day phone line that results in the efficient and hassle free processing and resolving of any claims needed to be made. Most plans of this type will cover an individual travelling alone or a couple travelling together. Although the cheap cover options seem attractive, it is important to purchase a policy that fulfils your needs whilst travelling with the correct cover levels and other features, as opposed to just going for the cheapest option.

Minimum levels of insurance for single trip plans should include medical cover of £2 million as a minimum, this may even need to be raised to £3 – 4 million if going to America and also cover the possible costs of an air ambulance. There should also be personal liability cover that should be around £1 million and cover for baggage for your Lisbon trip and any other items being taken on the trip including cameras and mp3 players; however these may be capped so it is important to check the limit you can claim up to.

Multi-trip Cover

Multi-trip holiday insurance on the other hand is directed towards those who take more than 1 or 2 trips away per year. This has become increasingly regular with the more efficient and cheaper ways to travel for both families and individuals. If intending to travel abroad more than 2 times during the year then purchasing single trip policies for each trip would end up being a lot more costly, therefore it is much more economical to buy a multi-trip plan that will cover any holiday over that 12 month period.

Policies such as this will cover you for an unlimited amount of holidays during the year; however there may be a duration limit for any one individual trip. This is usually within the region of 2 weeks to one month, again depending on the plan opted for. The plan should have basic medical cover, loss of baggage cover and holiday cancellation cover as standard. Again this can be added to by including cover for valuables, personal liability and also legal fees cover. Again these should be to the equivalent levels of those stated for the single trip policies above.