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Budget break abroad

There are many easy and innovative ways to cut holiday and travel costs if you have a little spare time. If you are travelling as a family then these savings can certainly add up and even as an individual travelling, the costs can really impact on your travel plans, especially if you are backpacking for any length of time: Below a look at some ideas for cutting costs whilst on holiday.

1. Use smaller airports

If you are willing to fly into smaller airports such as Girona Airport instead of Barcelona International airport, you can use budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair. Normally there is organised transport from the smaller airport into the main city which the flight is meant to be serving. All you really tend to lose if some extra time thus if money if the key, try airports which the budget airlines use.

2. Try and avoid school holidays

If you do not have children then try and travel outside of the school holiday season. It can be worth checking school holiday dates online and marking them off on your travel calendar. As a budget traveller, avoiding school holiday periods can mean a substantial difference in terms of flight prices and hotel costs.

3. Per Person costs rather than room rates

When booking your accommodation and comparing costs, consider the per person rate rather than the room rate. Very often, hiring a villa or vacation or holiday apartment, can work out much cheaper than a hotel room. You might not only find that the apartment rental is cheaper, but that you also have more space and facilities for your stay.

4. Save on the baggage costs

I know of people who actually travel with no baggage at all and they use one of the travel suits designed such that you fill the pockets with everything you need and thus the items do not need to be put in a bag and paid for as baggage (which you have to pay for if you fly with many budget airlines). You might also want to take a pair of travel scales to ensure that you stay within the baggage allowances. Some airports in Europe have also been known to have the scales set one or two KG’s higher than the actual weight do try and allow for this also. It can also be worth reading and understanding the clear baggage allowances.

5. Couchsurfing

If you want to greatly reduce your accommodation costs whilst on holiday, Couch Surfing is an amazing way to travel. You basically get to stay in people’s homes for free although of course if you wish to offer them any costs, you can. There are opportunities all over the world to couchsurf.

6. Work as you go

There are always opportunities also to work for your food or accommodation and many youth hostels and backpacker hostels have notice-boards and which highlight ways in which you can get cash in hand work as you travel abroad. Many people work in youth hostels themselves and get to stay for free for weeks or even months.

7. Annual Travel Insurance

Taking out an annual travel insurance policy instead of individual travel insurance policy’s can save you a lot of money. This works best if you take several holidays a year and can really save you a lot fob money and time.

8. Two one ways cheaper than a return

If you are booking train/rail tickets, buying two one way tickets can often be cheaper than purchasing one return (roundtrip) ticket. Analyse both options and also you can try this for airlines flights.

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