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Couchsurfing in China

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Couchsurfing has become a popular way for many people to see and explore different parts of the world on a reduced budget. The Internet has opened up new ways for people to network and find free space in people’s homes to stay for a night or two. China is no exception in this travelling phenomenon.

Many people in China are interested in this service as a way to meet people from other cultures. The larger cities generally offer more opportunities for places to stay, based on online reviewers’ results of their own trips. Smaller communities, on the other hand, may tend to be more conservative. Residents in these remote areas could be less likely to offer up free couch space for a traveller.

For traveling in China, make sure you go with a reputable website to find your host for couchsurfing. Do a background check of the business and look for online reviews of others’ experience through the service. Feel free to ask for references from the site to further check its quality.

If your home base is far from China, you may want to start networking many months ahead of time to learn through the couchsurfing network about specific tips that apply to different regions of China and the best ways to find free places to stay. Fellow travelers who have made the journey may be in your area and can share their strategies and expertise with you.

Local laws and regulations are definitely angles you want to thoroughly study before heading to the region. You will need proper documentation to proceed as a couchsurfer in China, so make sure your visa or passport and other relevant paperwork are in order before launching your tour. You may find that you have to check in at a local police station upon arrival. Different couchsurfers report various scenarios concerning local regulations of different communities. Some local officials consider couchsurfing as taking up temporary residence, while other governing officials in different locations do not require any check-in with law enforcement.

Couchsurfing in China can be an exciting and rewarding way to see the world. With a region as complex as China, carefully review specific regulations and visit with others who have already made the journey. Your homework can pay off with a successful and culturally awe-inspiring trip.

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