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Caravan Insurance Guide – What You Really Need To Know

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Travel can have a huge impact on our lives, from meeting new and different people, to seeing strange and interesting places, experiencing different cultures, to eating food that we may perceive as strange or exotic. There are numerous ways to travel and whilst some people love nothing more than to stay in a luxury hotel resort, to kick back and relax totally and maybe perople like myself, love the thrill of adventure and an open road. One way to embrace this form of travel is to consider driving and taking up caravaning.

Travelling by Caravan

Travelling by caravan gives you a new set of glasses through which to see the places that you visit, and experience the local people and environment in fresh ways. However, one question that occurs to new caravan owners is whether they need caravan insurance legally and if they do, what pointers they should be aware of when choosing it. Let us take a look at both the question of whether caravan insurance is actually compulsory, as well as providing some expert tips for when you need to choose your coverage.

Is Caravan Insurance A Legal Requirement?

The answer to this question will depend on which country you and your caravan are based in. However it is not compulsory in many places, such as the United Kingdom. In this instance when you are on the road with your caravan, it is being towed by your car and the insurance for your car is compulsory. Currently in the United Kingdom it is estimated that the number of uninsured caravans may be as high as twenty per cent.

This does not however mean that it is worthwhile to avoid it, as there are a number of situations where you could regret cutting this particular corner. One example of this is the not so uncommon occurrence of a caravan detaching itself and having a collision. This can lead to physical damage that in some instances could cost the owner thousands. Caravan insurance companies include this type of cover in their policies.

Another example applies to both static caravans as well as tourers, and this is the changing weather system. Caravans stored on sites have suffered from severe storm damage, with many being write-offs, and this is an absolutely horrendous situation for any owner who chose to go without insurance cover. Regardless of where your caravan lives, this is a risk. Additionally there is the risk of theft. Theft currently accounts for around 25% of insurance claims by British caravan owners. In order to have peace of mind and cover one of your most important assets, it makes sense to insure your caravan, even if it is not compulsory.

What Kind Of Cover Should You Expect?

Some of the standard aspects of cover are theft, malicious damage, fire, explosion, lightning, and different companies may or may not include a period of cover for touring in other countries. You need to check out the public liability cover, as well as the excess on the policy. Insurers will not cover the likes of mechanical or technical failure, faulty workmanship, vermin or fouling by animals. Whilst this is not the entire list, it gives you some indication of what is unlikely to be covered.

Understanding The General Conditions

As you start to shop around, it will help to understand the general conditions. A certain amount of the general conditions are somewhat generic to the insurance type, whereas others are specific to the provider’s terms. Although reading the small print can seem like a bit of a task, it is really important to do so. Firstly you need to be compliant with the conditions, and if you don’t know them then you are taking the risk of non-compliance, which in a worst case scenario could make your policy null and void. Secondly one area which is specific to the provider is security requirements. This is something you need to be fully aware of and ensure you are taking the right security precautions.

Choose The Right Storage – Both for the safety of your caravan and the price of the insurance premium, choosing the right storage will do you a big favour. Consider using something like Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA), which offers three different levels of security. Using this historically secure storage facility normally triggers a discount with insurance companies.

Consider Paying A Little Extra For Legal Expenses Cover – Even though you may wish to keep the costs down, one extra that is well worth considering to pay for is legal expenses cover. This typically costs as little as £15 or even less. As society continues to become more litigious, this add-on to caravan insurance continues to grow in popularity. Caravan insurance can start off for as little as around £60 per year, and it is well worth, it as with it, you can feel the full benefit of your fun, adventurous caravan holidays.

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