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Buying a Holiday Property in France

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Many people dream of owning a romantic little holiday chateau in the French countryside or a chic Parisian flat with views of the Seine. Scenic views and delectable cuisine are just two of the advantages of making that dream come true. Among the many compelling reasons for purchasing a holiday property in France, the following five are especially motivational.

1. Property prices reflect real value

Purchasing domestic property as an investment is not a typical practice in France. Market fluctuations in real estate values are largely tied to inflation.  The price of a property in general reflects its true value.  Also, U.K. buyers who are willing to overlook the need for repairs in a holiday residence can benefit from the lower purchase price for these types of vacation homes.

3. More space

While the country of France covers three times the area of England, its population is roughly the same. More space means that land comes at a lower premium in France, and it is priced accordingly. More space also means many holiday properties are insulated from the crush of neighboring homes and the noise of population centres, making for a more peaceful environment that is perfect for holiday relaxation.

3. Superior sale terms

People purchasing property in France will discover some immediate benefits. The services of a notaire simplify the closing of the sale. Once the property is safely transferred, the new owners are exempt from paying property taxes for the first two years of ownership. This is a welcome savings, especially if repairs or renovations are in order.

4. Ambiance

Whether enjoying holiday time in town or in the countryside, the ambiance of France is unparalleled. Excellent food, delightful wine and good company are the ingredients for memorable holidays. The rare, natural beauty of Provence or the renowned romance of Paris give French holidays unique panache.

5. Easy trek from the U.K.

In practical terms, purchasing holiday property in France offers U.K. residents the cachet of being householders in a foreign country plus the convenience of fairly close proximity for quick getaway trips. Just a short jaunt by ferry, train, plane or car, enables vacationers to be ensconced in their holiday digs and unwinding in a matter of hours.

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