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Finding a Cheap Place to Stay in London and Considerations

Park in Victoria London

London, England in my opinion is one of the best cities in the world to visit, along with NYC, Paris and Sydney. Each of these cities is very different with Sydney and its stunning nearby beaches and with the harbour bridge; NYC with Central Park and the Greenwich Village area; Paris and the Seine and the amazing galleries and food; and London with its traditional pubs, amazing museums and history. If you are choosing London as one of the places you plan to visit soon, apart from analysing the various transportation options for getting to London, you might perhaps want some advice on finding budget accommodation in London? If so I hope the information below will help you.

Choosing Budget accommodation

A city the size of London unsurprisingly has a vast range of accommodation types and price range to match. You can literally pat anything from £15 a night by staying in a youth hostel, through to paying several thousand per night for a stay in a 5 star hotel in the best suites on offer. If you are looking to visit London and stay on a budget, then either choosing the lower end of the budget scale and sharing a room with others and sleeping on a bunk bed means you can choose a backpackers place (also known as youth hostel).

The options which I would argue offers a better mix at least for someone like me who prefers not to have to share a room and bathroom, find that a fair priced budget hotel is a great option. Trying though to choose a hotel which is both central and affordable can be challenging.  The areas of Victoria and Paddington are especially good given that they are both areas served by main rail links with Paddington Train station and Victoria train station.

When pricing up the cost of your accommodation, ensure you factor in the cost of getting from the transportation hub to your hotel. In addition to being on the main rail network, Paddington and Victoria are both on the London Underground network which makes access to these two areas of London fairly straight forward. Victoria also benefits from being the main coach station in London, as well as being located within an acceptable walking distance from attractions such as Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

London sunset

Evenings in London

Keeping Costs Down

One of the ways to keep costs down and always something I would recommend to check when booking a hotel in London (or in any part of the UK) is to check to see if breakfast is included). The idea of B&B whether in the form of a B&B guest house or B&B hotel means that a cooked or continental breakfast is normally included in the price. If you are two people staying in one room, the value I would place on the breakfast being included equates to £15 a night i.e. if you were to pay £7.50 per person for breakfast elsewhere such as in a cafe in London. Make sure to factor in the cost of the breakfast.

It can also be worth checking to see if Internet (WiFi access) is included and if there is a charge and if so, what the charge is. Prices for internet access can vary greatly across London, with some 4 Star hotel charging as much as £15 to £20 a night, which is a ridiculous amount in my view.

Another easy way to experience London on a budget is to combine cheap accommodation with budget transportation and here is how to do it. Megabus tend to offer ridiculously cheap journeys to and from London to all parts of the UK. Megabus depart and arrive into Victoria, London, so if you base yourself in the Victoria area and within walking distance of the bus station, you can stay in what is a pleasant area and also then afford additional transportation cost. There are several affordable and reasonably priced places to stay in the area so this is a great location for the budget traveller.

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