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Family travel insurance is the most important part of a family trip. And, although it is easy to get caught up with the enthusiasm and excitement of going on a vacation, one must not forget that unfortunate things can happen even to the most optimistic of people. Insurance is important because anything can go wrong during a vacation; for instance, your flight could be cancelled or delayed, baggage could be misplaced or stolen, valuables could be lost or someone could fall ill. If families take the trouble of getting family travel insurance before they leave, they can actually enjoy their trip better, secure in the knowledge that they are protected against a number of unfortunate incidents.

Family Travel Insurance Cover

A typical family travel insurance policy includes coverage for medical emergencies, a benefit that includes 24-hour access to excellent emergency assistance and healthcare professionals. In case of illness, the travel insurance company will provide the medical expenses not covered under the usual government health insurance plan.

Families planning to go on vacation must understand that the normal health insurance policies do not cover for ill health outside the country. If a person goes on vacation to a place far away from home and falls ill there, he will have to pay a fortune in medical bills. The total medical cost could far exceed the total cost of the vacation, in which case, the travel insurance comes in useful as it covers for such unforeseen medical conditions.

Another great advantage of getting family travel insurance is that it provides cancellation cover. Since vacations are booked months in advance and are non refundable, families can lose a lot of money if an unforeseen event such as illness or death prevents them from going on a vacation or forces them to cut short a vacation and return home. In this case, the family travel insurance helps recover the cost of a vacation cancelled or cut short.

The family travel insurance plan also offers protection against trip cancellation, loss or theft of baggage, valuables, important documents and property and much more.

Family travel insurance must be purchased within 2 working days of booking the vacation. Extra cover can be purchased just before leaving the trip. Besides, families must remember to purchase insurance for the entire vacation, including the days of departure and return.

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