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Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers

Travel belt

When looking to buy a present of gift for a backpacker, it is important to carefully consider the kind of gifts that you can buy in that the item will need to be transportable, practical, light to carry and in many instances, need to be waterproof and also accepted in various countries. Avoiding issues such as excess baggage fees because of weightly luggage or a wallet which whilst beautiful ascetically, lets in water, makes the decision that much harder when trying to satisfy the global traveller. Below we take a look at some great gift ideas for backpackers and gap year students.

Travel Money Belt

This belt is an extremely useful travel accessory for backpackers as it helps them keep all their valuables in a convenient and secure pouch on their person. These travel belts come with multiple compartments and allow backpackers to keep their money, tickets and so on within easy reach. Purchasable in leather, plastic, canvas and waterproof material and have zip locks, some belts even have secret compartment where you can keep your money. Backpackers will appreciate such a gift as it will keep their money safe from pickpockets and also, because they will not have to take off their back pack to get out their passport and visa papers.

Waterproof Backpack

Giving a backpacker a new backpack is a great gift idea, especially if the person in question has one that is a bit old and needs replacing. When buying a backpack for someone, ensure that the bag is lightweight, durable, waterproof, has plenty of zip pouches and has comfortable straps that will evenly disperse the weight on the traveller’s shoulders and back area. Personally, I would actually involve the person you are buying the backpack for, in the buying decision because even though it will eliminate the surprise element of the gifting, owning a backpack is such as personal thing and the needs very specific. Buying a backpack can be like buying clothes in that the received tends in this case to have very specific tastes and requirements.


You can also gift HID flash-lights to a backpacker as there is nothing more appropriate while backpacking than a reliable portable source of light. Small torches can be a backpack traveller’s best friend, especially when it comes to travelling at night. With a pair of long-lasting batteries, a flash-light makes the ultimate present and is sure to lighten up the way of the backpacker who receives it.

Portable Digital GPS

This is an excellent gift idea for a backpacker, as this allows the traveller to explore the area around him and have as much fun as possible on the trip, without having to worry about getting lost. A compact portable Digital GPS device is far more convenient to use than a compass and is sure to be appreciated by a backpacker.

Digital Camera

With promising and exciting discoveries along the trip, a backpacker must not be without a good digital camera. Digital cameras will help a backpacker to record his journey and are excellent gifts for travellers in general. When buying a digital camera for a backpacker, ensure that the camera comes with a sturdy, water-proof case to withstand the journey and is also lightweight and has a long lasting battery.

Enamel Mug or Berghaus Brim hat

If you are just looking for a stocking filler or small and cheap gift then an enamel mug can be a great simple idea. A Flacon branded mug available on can be bought for under five pounds. You might want also be interested in a Berghaus Brim hat which is a great present for the traveller who spends a lot of time in hot countries and loves to wear head-wear.

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