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5 Ski Accessories for Xmas

Ski hat

Technology is everywhere these days, even in the Alpine slopes. If you are a skiing fan, read on to discover the 5 top accessories that you must have before the season starts.

1 – Safety First: The Latest Ski Helmet

Giro G14 is a safe and resistant helmet, which allows you to control the temperature thanks to its 14 adjustable vents. Both in terms of safety, technological prowress, and comfort, this helmet is definite must-have.

2 – Ski Maps and GPS Applications

If you are new to your chosen ski resort and plan to do some extensive skiing, you will most certainly require some form of map or orientation system. Good old paper maps can become unreadable after getting wet, so it is time to invest in technology to ensure that you can enjoy your skiing experience to the fullest. iTrailMap 3D is a dedicated iPhone application that provides GPS tracking services to skiers and snowboarders. You can download the map for your resort (among over 500 resort maps) and track your movements throughout the day. Once you are back from the slopes, iTrailMap 3D will allow you to upload maps so that you can share your progress with friends.

3 – GPS Goggles for Skiers

This is a high-tech alternative to the above. Zeal Optics has recently put in the market their new GPS goggles, which give skiers access to key information, such as location, altitude, temperature, distance travelled, speed, all in real time. These goggles also feature a USB connection, so you can upload maps and other pieces of information from your smartphone or computer, and then download them into another gadget so that they can be shared. A pricey but irresistible accessory, without a doubt!

4 – A Portable Dryer

Snow is water and while on a skiing trip, water can get your clothes and personal belongings wet and smelly very easily. To avoid this hassle, you need to get your hands on DryGuy. This portable drying unit can dry up your clothes and boots within one hour, thanks to its exclusive design and heat chambers. It also removes bad odours and it can work on battery power or while connected to an electric outlet.

5 – GPS camera for the Slopes

The Contour GPS camera has been voted the preferred camcording option by many expert skiers. This camera can be easily and securely attached to your skiing helmet or goggles and it will record crystal-clear, high defintion videos of your day on the slopes. Additional features include Bluetooth support, built- in GPS functions, and a mobile smartphone application.

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