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Gap years are an exciting opportunity to explore different parts of the world before settling down and committing to something long term at home. Many people opt for gap years and each person has different motivating factors. For example, some people view gap years as an opportunity to enhance their CVs whereas other people see it as an opportunity to wind down and have fun. Here are some of the best places to visit. Let us look at some of the best options ofr the best gap year experiences and what destinations and locations you might want to consider.

Gap Year in Japan or Korea

The Far East is a prosperous area of the world and it also has masses of culture to explore. The way of life in Japan is very different to that in the western world and experiencing it is certainly an eye opener and it enables people to become more well-rounded as an individual. There are plenty of opportunities to teach foreign languages to the locals, making Japan a great option for those who wish to move into teaching in the future. Learn more about teaching English in Korea on

USA and Gap Year Holiday Options

The United States is the land of opportunity and has something to suit most people on a gap year. You can gain business experience in one of the major cities, spend a season working in one of the party destinations such as sea resorts or seaside cities or do some charity work in some of the poorer areas or one of the areas which has been affected by natural disasters. The USA is a vast country and you could easily fill an entire year here and experience a whole host of cultures, attitudes and sights along the way. The best company to contact are Bunac who are the leading specialise


This is certainly not the option for those looking for a party on their gap year and is much better suited to those who are looking to make a difference to their host community. There are plenty of opportunities to work for charities in Uganda, and indeed most African countries, helping to do things such as building infrastructure, distributing aid and educating people on basic healthcare. There will of course be fun times when travelling in Uganda, including experiencing the local culture, but things are harder going than when travelling in certain other countries.

Gap Year in Australia

Taking a gap year in Australia is extremely conventional in the modern age, despite the long distance from most other countries and the expense of getting there. The reason so many people like to go is that the culture is very laid back but still productive and successful, whilst the people are extremely friendly and good fun and the weather is glorious. Real Gap offer placement in Australia and can be worth checking.


Thailand is a popular destination for people taking a gap year for a number of reasons, including the superb scenery, the interesting culture, how far your money spreads and the great weather. There is a busy tourist scene which creates a lot of seasonal jobs and plenty of western ex pats to make visitors feel at home. You can make money in teaching English or you might want to do soem volunteer work locally.

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