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Barcelona’s Alternative Hotspots

Local museums

Barcelona is without a doubt one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and this is reflected in the annual tourism statistics. Anyone who ever ever visited the city will be aware that the city is steeped in culture, the arts and provides visitors with some of Europe’s most interesting attractions. Barcelona leaves most visitors compelled to come back for more. A visit to the Picasso museum or going on a Gaudi tours is certainly worth considering but you might also want to consider some of the less publicised places and things to do which are all equally as interesting. They may not all be on the tour bus route but with transport being so accessible getting round the city could not be easier.

Alternative transport

If buses and taxis are not your thing, or you consider yourself to be a bit of a high flyer, then why not try the helicopter ride. Prepare to be thrilled as the ride takes you over the cities most popular sights providing the most fabulous panoramic views you will ever see. If the sky is not for you then take to the seas. If you are visiting Barcelona for any length of time then make your stay a two centre luxury vacation by adding a mini cruise to your itinerary. With the ports within easy access these cruises are a great way to see nearby islands such as Palma, Ibiza and Mallorca. The ‘Go Cars‘ concept is another interesting way to see the key central parts of the city, with these bright yellow cars, installed with audio tours so that you can drive yourself around at your own pace.


Relaxing with a touch of wellness is another very viable option in Barcelona. Balance your chakra and regain your centre of gravity with a Reiki healing session in the heart of the city. Another option is to enjoy retail therapy, with no shortage of shops dotted all over the city. For unique one offs ranging from cool clothing to stunning trinkets head down to Le Swing vintage. The shop has a sophisticated feel to it with well preserved gifts from days gone by. For even more bazaar gifts, especially those that are perhaps useless but provide endless fun anyway, then look no further than Fantastik where you will be amazed.

Week long clubbing

Once your balance has been restored and the shopping has been taken care of, head down to The Habana where you can practice your salsa. This restaurant and dance club is open till late. You can enjoy an authentic Spanish meal then dance the night away to authentic salsa sounds. Arrive in good time as the club is very popular amongst locals and tourist. For those of you who prefer to dance in the open air then Barcelona’s biggest street party takes place in August. The Fiestas de Gràcia situated in the usually quiet village runs for 8 days solid.

Dining with a difference

You cannot go to Spain without trying a traditional meal and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. For instance you could visit Bar Tomás for authentic Patatas Bravas. But if you want something a little different then head down to Dans Le Noir. There’s no need to dress up (unless you really want to) as your entire dining experience will be in the dark. What is also strange is how the taste of familiar foods can seem different once one of the other senses has been blockout. It’s quite an experience.

High Dining

If you have always wanted to join the mile high club, try having dinner in the sky. If you have a special event or party of friends, you can create your own banqueting feast high above the city taking alfresco dining to a whole new level. Another alternative dining experience is La Posada Maldita. Roughly translated means the Inn of the Dammed which promises to scare the wits out of you as you dine. Let’s hope you can stomach it.

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