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Backpacking abroad

Travel insurance for a backpacking trip is a matter of common sense in many respects, given that there are so many potential things which can go wrong, when travelling across numerous countries. A look below at the some fo the options and considerations below, for specialist backpacker insurance cover.

Planned Activities – Do they include Dangerous Sports?

As a backpacker, consider if you plan to be involved in activities which might be considered dangerous sports by insurers. Do you for example think you will go snorkeling, diving or white river rafting, or skiing. Or will you perhaps go hiking on terrain and trails in remote regions? Accidents happen. Staying in a foreign land for medical care can cost thousands of pounds and the relative cost of travel insurance overall can be well worth considering.

Visiting Remote Regions and Areas

If a backpacker plans to hike in remote areas in foreign countries, a rescue rider should be added to a vacation policy. When a hiker is reported missing, search and rescue parties (SAR) can be launched. However, these SAR efforts will end after a day or two with a basic travel insurance policy. Then the family will be expected to pay for further searches. These SAR efforts can be extremely expensive.

A rescue rider will assure that the search continues until the backpacker is found. This SAR package will cover the cost of both air and ground searches. It can cover on-site medical care, including getting a doctor to the patient’s location, and medical evacuation by air or sea.

Other Considerations

First, backpackers must be aware that ordinary insurance policies bought in their home country may not cover travel to other countries. A basic travel insurance policy, also called the vacation plan, should be purchased first. It will cover broad matters such as a canceled flight, lost luggage and emergency medical care.

The vacation plan insurance policy will cover the cost of removing an injured or sick person to a medical facility. It will include such matters as a medical evacuation and a flight to a hospital where appropriate care can be delivered. A bedside visit policy may fly family members to the care facility and also evacuate an injured person back home.

A security policy is designed for backpackers who travel to countries that are politically unstable. If a backpacker takes a hike through a country and political riots break out, it will not be safe to travel or even go to an airport for an outbound flight. This policy is designed to send experienced, armed rescue personnel and transportation to carry out a rescue and extraction. Travel insurance for backpackers should be designed according to specific needs, and the country where the backpacker will travel must also be considered.

There are several companies who specialise in backpackers cover and a few you might want to consider are:

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