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Art and Travel in Miami

The Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most renowned and significant art shows held throughout the Americas and if you are looking for some new ideas for a holiday, combining art and travel can be a great mix. Enjoying some of the best modern art in this very popular exhibition and mixing it with the great Miami weather, outdoor cafes and the lovely beaches really works well.

Miami art show

Art show in Miami

There will be over 250 prominent galleries from all over the world which always tend to exhibit at the event and together they display art from more 2,000 various artists from the last one hundred years. WQhilst in the city for art, why not also visit the high quality exhibitions in the Miami Beach Convention Centre and across a number of South Florida’s museums. The art on show consists of some of the world’s finest and established artist’s as well new artists and their cutting-edge work across a variety of different mediums. Pieces on show include paintings of various sorts, video art, performance art and sound art. There are also a range of art projects taking place throughout the community, helping the local area come together to create these works of art.

The show attracts a myriad of different attendees, from dealers and collectors to museum curators and art critics from across the globe. There are also many artists and art enthusiasts that visit to experience and view some of the rarest artwork and newest developments occurring throughout the art world. The amount of these people that attend this show means that it is a hugely important event to promote and develop art further, not just in America, but all across the world.

The event is easily accessible and has an excellent public transport service to the convention centre. Throughout the 3 day event there is also and organised shuttle that will take visitors from the exhibition centre to the other museums and venues that are involved in the event. There is also a wide range of restaurants with as eclectic range of cuisines as art on show, from American and European, to Asian and Afro-Caribbean.

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