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Best Areas of Venice for Vacation Apartment Rentals

Canal in Venice

There are few cities world which combine romance, history and culture in such a unique way as Venice and this is perhaps a reason for its continual popularity and sheer number of visitors each year. Venice has six main neighbourhoods that are separated by the Grand Canal, each of which has its own tourist attractions and worth seeing in their own right. You could stay in any of these neighbourhoods and you will be nicely located for a stay in this city, with some excellent restaurants, shopping opportunities and classy cars and cafes spread throughout. In terms of accommodation, we take a look at the options for staying in Venice and what each area has to offer, below.

San Polo

San Polo, situated at the center of Venice, is the heart of the region, and travellers who want to cut down on their travel costs should look for accommodation here. The San Polo area has many rental apartments whose prices range from being affordable to low cost. This neighbourhood is a bazaar district that boasts plenty of bakeries and handicraft shops; the region also has several bistros, cafes and restaurants.

San Marco

The square around San Marco is a popular tourist destination in the city and as a result this region has many vacation apartments that offer visitors panoramic views of Venice’s beautiful buildings and canals. Tourists will find many religious and commercial centers in this district and can visit any one of the many restaurants and bistros that serve fresh seafood dishes and delicious breads and pastries respectively. Staying in a San Marco apartment rental will allow guests to purchase glass beads from the Murano glass merchants in the vicinity but will also mean paying a higher premium for your stay given the popularity of staying in this area. If you can afford it though and want to really be in the heart of it all, this is certainly the best area in which to stay. If you use a decent price comparison site, you can in fact even stay here for less than EUR100 in a basic room.


Tourists who want to relax and unwind while on holiday in Venice would do well to select an apartment rental in the Cannaregio area. Many Venetian locals live in Cannaregio, which is a simple and quiet residential neighbourhood; tourists will be able to rent inexpensive apartments found along the canals. When in need to visit a café or go shopping, tourists can ahead to the Rialto Bridge area and shop at the stores and stalls there.


Travellers who want easy access to the gondolas and boatyards as well as the Zatterre promenade, can look for vacation apartment rentals at Dorsoduro where the Peggy Guggenheim museum is found. Dorsoduro is an excellent traveller’s stop because of the gelato shops, art houses, and small boutiques selling craftwork by local Venetian artists.


If you plan to visit the beach often, renting a vacation apartment in Lido is a good idea. During the summer, the beaches of Lido become hotspots for both locals and tourists looking to get a tan under the Mediterranean sun. Visitors will find it easy to get inexpensive apartments in Lido, and with the many ferries shuttling back and forth between Lido and Venice, transport will also not be a problem.

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