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The entire world is within easy access these days, with airlines able to take us to almost every corner of the world. Being a solo woman and an adventurous soul are great attributes and combined with a few essential safety tips, you should be able to enjoy a rewarding trip.

1. The foremost tip requires you to trust your gut feeling. If you consider that a certain place or a person gives you an uneasy feeling, then you should avoid it. Our sharp sixth sense and inherent ability to read the vibes usually impart us with essential perceptions and reasoning.

2. It is essential for your safety and pleasant experiences that you dress up appropriately. Study about the culture and lifestyle of your destination, and dress accordingly. It is always rational and safe to dress down rather than dressing up.

3. Money is one good reason for undesired strangers to attack you. It is advised to split the cash in many chunks. Keep one small chunk for direct access and the rest in safe places like socks, and Vitamin C bottle.

4. To keep strangers at reasonable distances, you should never disclose your residence as it should be your protection during vacations. Also, you should avoid talking to and taking any food from the strangers. Carrying a bulky man’s photo in your wallet could also save you from undesirable situations. Another way of putting off the uninvited people is to specify law and order as your occupation. Additionally, it is good idea to carry a safety device with you to scare off the jerks.

5. Keeping your travel plans is as essential as not disclosing your residence. While moving around ensure that you get the cab from a registered cab stand. Avoid the train or bus compartments which are empty or low on passenger count. Always keep an eye on your surroundings to ensure that you don’t let yourself being followed.

6. Do not refer to your travel guides and maps in public places. It isn’t less than announcing that you are a visitor. Visit hotel, restaurants, galleries and museums for browsing through your direction guides and maps.

7. Further, you should not wear valuables visibly. It is always better to be light at both heart and luggage. If you take off your accessories, do not keep them in susceptible pockets. You may keep them in the wrapping of junk food that you get from the outlets in vicinity, as the food wrappers are least likely to be explored by a thief.

8. The last but not the least tip is to do your homework. Always research and study thoroughly about your visit place. Plan about your trip properly prior to leaving your home town or country. This will serve two purposes. First, you won’t be confused and subject to last minute decisions. This will save you from embarrassing situations. Second, the acquired information will impart confidence to you, which will make you less susceptible to unwanted attention and situations.

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