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5 Stag Weekend Activities You Must Try

A stag weekend is a great way to enjoy the company of your mates, have a laugh and enjoy some fun activities. While drinking might be a key component of a stag weekend, it doesn’t have to be all you do. For an upcoming stag event for you or for one of your friends, plan to include one of these fun activities during the weekend. Our choice of 5 stag weekend activities are below.

Surf and turf travel

Surf and turf travel

1. Paintball

This high energy sport is an unforgettable way to enjoy time with friends. Paintball can be found throughout the country and even the world wherever you choose to celebrate your stag weekend. Load up on protective gear, ammunition and paintball guns and divide into teams. Use the obstacles and courses provide to ambush the other team while avoiding the colourful bullets yourself.

2. Pub Crawl

To add an extra element of fun and interest to a traditional night of drinking during a stag event, have a pub crawl instead. If you are in a foreign city for your stag weekend, join in with an organized pub crawl that ends in a large club. While it might cost a little more for the pub crawl, you will usually get free drinks and entry in that price. You can also make your own itinerary for a pub crawl in your local town or city. Barcelona is an excellent stag weekend location.

3. Four Wheeling

Get literally off the beaten track with a four-wheeling adventure. Find a local outdoor track that rents all-terrain vehicles, helmets and gives participants a crash course on safety and driving the vehicles. It is a really exhilarating choice of activity. The groom to be will certainly appreciate the unique way to blow off steam before his wedding.

4. Surfing

If you are a group travelling to a coastal or beach destination for a stag weekend in the summer, try surfing as a cool activity to enjoy with friends. If none of you are familiar with surfing, get a group lesson to pick up the basics and rent boards. Surfing is a great way to spend the day in a beach destination and work on your tans before the wedding takes place.

5. Race Car Driving

If you have a need for speed, look up local tracks to try your hand at race car driving. Challenge each other to races around the track all at once or try to set speed records for a single lap. This is a great way to get pumped, build up energy and have fun with friends for a stag weekend.

One thing you should not forget! Travelling abroad and doing dangerous sports means extra risk so do ensure you are covered. Also consider the possibility of getting group cover if you are several people travelling together.

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