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5 Places to go Backpacking this Summer

Camping in Europe

If you love the great outdoors and wish to see different parts of the world, consider these five places for a backpacking trip in the summer. Once you have committed to the journey, you may gain a new appreciation of different cultures.

1. Europe Highlights

Backpacking in Europe can be made easier by linking up with hostels across the countryside and taking advantage of mass transit when available. After that, the journey is about you and the landmarks as you make your way across Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany for a well-paced trek. Allow for a day of travel and then two days for backpacking and visiting different sites within each country. Do not try to reach a different country each day, because then you will spend more time on a train than at your destination.

2. Peru

Peru can be a backpacker’s dream destination. Various tours to famous sites such as Machu Picchu are available depending on the amount of adventure you desire. You may decide to travel with others on these trips to ensure safety, particularly through some of the more challenging terrain. Remember to pack plenty of small currency during your tours. Peruvian children often line the popular trails offering to carry your pack for a price.

3. Thailand

Thailand is popular among backpackers because of the friendliness of its residents and the economics of traveling in the area. You can see much of the country on a very modest budget, with decent accommodations starting at $10 a night. Most backpackers jump on the opportunity to explore the crazy city of Bangkok for a few days. You will hear nomads say that you haven’t travelled till you spend a night in the city. If you are on a budget, finding a Bangkok hotel will not be a problem since living is cheap and affordable. Once you have explored the city as much as your heart desires, take advantage of the extraordinary beaches.

4. Backpacking New Zealand

New Zealand offers its own laid-back lifestyle for backpackers. Tours, buses and ferries all are available to accommodate those on backpacking tours, while hostels keep accommodations affordable. New Zealand’s summer, December to February, is a great time to explore either the bush or the beaches.

5. Pacific Crest Trail – West Coast, United States

You could spend the summer backpacking along this trail that goes the distance along the West Coast of the United States. Encompassing Washington, Oregon and California, you can pick your point of entry, whether it is the Cascades or Sierra Nevada. Beautiful mountain meadows and different scenic vistas can turn this journey into a lifetime fascination as you may wish to trek a new part of it each summer, spending nights in a different scenic area. Learn more about the Pacific Crest Trail.

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