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10 Best Travel Apps for your Mobile

Mobile travel apps

Technology has now wedged itself firmly in our lives and this is now unavoidable  even for the most technophobic amongst us. Currently, the mobile web, coupled with social media, is giving us information sharing on steroids. Wherever we are, we can request information from the web or our social networks at will – like where to find good local eateries, what’s on in the evening on TV or in the local cinema, how to find solutions to a given problem and just about anything that can be said to be information. Many people also constantly upload and share bits of our lives through snippets of information, images and videos.

Naturally, mobile technology, particularly mobile apps, has made inroads in the travel industry too. Even more so when you consider that travelling requires accessing the web on the move. Here are some of the best must-have mobile apps to download and install on your mobile device if you are planning, booking or on a trip anywhere:

Destination planning, booking & Itinerary:

  • Kayak app: As a web portal, Kayak has been popular for quite some time now. It allows you to search flights, hotels and car rentals while also smartly managing your trip itinerary. Basically the app does the same thing but with the added benefit of being a mobile app
  • Yelp: like tripadvisor, Yelp is an excellent way to find out honest customer reviews about an accommodation or service so as to have a better picture beforehand, make your expectations more realistic and avoid disappointments.
  • Tripcase: Basically Tripcase is an itinerary management app.  It allows you to share your itinerary on social media, search flight schedules, airport gate information, delay alerts, directions and more.


  • Skype: Your favourite video chat/conferencing tool is also available on mobile platforms. Quite an important app if you want to keep in touch with your relatives at home without spending a fortune on international calls. What’s best is that it’s even video.
  • Ji Wire Wi-fi finder: Of course to use Skype freely you would need a WiFi network. The beauty of ji Wire is that it tells you where the WiFi spots are in the area around you.

Proximity search:

  • Next2me: This is a local proximity search app based on GPS location. If your mobile device is GPS-enabled you can easily use this search if, for example, you are in an unknown area abroad and would like to find out where to find a type of shop or restaurant.

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